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Top Tips For Choosing a Bouncy Castle Hire Company

Hiring a Bouncy Castle or Inflatable can be a great way to entertain children (or adults!) but how can you be sure that you are hiring from a good quality operator?

At Crockerz Castles we often get calls from parents who are very anxious because they have been let down by the company they have booked with not turning up and are calling round at the last minute trying to find a bouncy castle. Obviously this can be very stressful if you are organising any kind of party or event. In fact we are so accustomed to this problem that we carry extra inflatables on our delivery vehicles during the summer months to help the people that have been let down.

Follow our top tips below to help make sure you hire from a good quality operator.

Do the prices seem very low, almost too good to be true? If so, then they probably are!  Sometimes unscrupulous operators will take bookings at a low price and then cancel this booking at short notice if they receive a better offer for the same inflatable.

Search on Google or look at the company’s Facebook page for reviews.  Any good operator will make it easy for customers to leave reviews as they value the feedback.

Ask if the company has public liability insurance. Good operators will generally have a minimum of £5m of cover and ideally look for an operator with £10m insurance cover. The insurance certificate should be available for inspection by you on delivery if required or available to be emailed to you or the venue.

Does the company have a landline number? Mobiles can easily be switched off, whereas landlines will be direct to people’s homes or business premises.

Does the company have their inflatable units safety checked annually? Whilst this isn’t law, any decent company will want to be sure that they are following the best practice as suggested by the Health & Safety Executive.  Ask the company you are thinking of hiring from if they have safety certificates available for all of their inflatables.

Will the company give you a written set of safety instructions before the hire? These will help you ensure that users remain safe whilst using the inflatables. Check that the operator will provide stakes to anchor the inflatable, safety mats and built in raincovers if appropriate.

Are the operators members of the BIHA or TIPE? You can check this by asking them or by visiting their website. Reputable operators will join at least one of these industry bodies to ensure they are up to date on the latest news and safety advice.

Does the company have a website? Any serious inflatable hire business will have a website nowadays.  A well-presented site showcasing attractive and clean inflatables is an indicator that the hire company takes great pride in its business.  You can also check the company’s Facebook or social media pages.

Does the company only advertise on social media? These companies can easily disappear leaving you disappointed if they don’t turn up on your special day.

Can the company tell you straight away if the product you are looking to hire is available? If they can’t then the work may be outsourced which means you are dealing with a middleman. You may consider that you would rather deal directly with the company that will be delivering your inflatable.

Does the company have a wide range of different inflatables and other items aimed at different age groups and varied events? Whilst a smaller operator may well follow all of the rules and good practice, a larger operator will be investing a great deal of time and effort into their business as they have committed a large amount of money to buy all of the equipment.  Larger operators may also be able to offer you a discount on additional items such as Candy Floss Machine Hire, Popcorn Machines or Giant Garden Games for example.

Does the company offer varied payment options? If they will only accept cash on delivery then they may not be set up as a legitimate business at all. A good company will have several payment options such as card payments, bank transfer or cash on delivery.

We hope you have found the above advice helpful with regards to choosing a Bouncy Castle or Inflatable Hire company in Sussex. At Crockerz Castles we are committed to the highest standards in the industry and will always work with our customers to ensure their event is a success. Crockerz Castles provide Bouncy Castle Hire in Crawley, Brighton, Horsham, Worthing and the surrounding towns and villages in West Sussex and East Sussex.